4 al 7 de julio de 2024
Feria internacional de fotografía


Hilario. Artes Letras Oficios

Since 2015, Wunderkammer has been the fair’s established sector for heritage photography, aiming to highlight the work of different agents who specialize in recovering and adding value to photographic material of a historical and documentary nature.

Hilario. Artes Letras Oficios

Directors: Roberto Vega - Nicolás Vega - Fernando Vega

Adress: Libertad 1536. 1er Piso Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 11 4815 0559 / +54 9 11 5464 7359

https://www.hilariobooks.com/ - moc.skooboiralih@ofni02%



We are passionate about working with heritage photographs, from the first technical processes to silver gelatin prints. Each work that we select is analyzed in all its aspects and is offered with a meticulous report. Our academic advisor is the photographic historian Abel Alexander and we have a reference library that exceeds 6000 volumes in all disciplines.

Every year we edit a photographic catalog that we present in Baphoto. This will be the eighth in the series and includes more than two hundred original vintage works. To do so, we consulted more than thirty national and international specialists.

Additionally, in our gallery we organize auctions, online and in person, which include a chapter dedicated to photography in each edition.